how to build a 8mm stroker banshee? advice on buyin my 1st 2stroke.

My friend has a 2003 banshee that he just got the motor completely rebuilt and oorted/polished with an 8mm stroker kit. Not sure on the exact details of the brand, ect but he has got it all ready to be put together and put into the bike. I am considering buying it but wondering what is left to do? How big of a carb to go? If I need special pipes? It comes with an aftermarket set already but they might not work well with the stroke? My goal is longevity even if I have to loose a few hp.

Plan on buying a bigger carb, as instructed, getting it jetted professionally when all my parts are together. Also would like to pit the head to run regular 91oct gasoline in it.

Would love some instruction on what it would tke to finish this bike and have a good reliable yet powerful banshee. Have a bunch of buddies with air cooled 250r trikes that needa be knocked off their hoarse haha. Any advice is welcome! He wants 800$$$ the way it sits with the cylinders not together yet, and the motor outta the bike. but ready to go. I thik thats a great deal considering thats what the port polish and pistons and everything cost him to get done

Ps. will ethanol fuel be an issue?

So I want to know what kinda carb to put on, If ill need special pipes, how much compression to run, will the coolin system hold up? What else isnreally left to do?

Whats done-

Port and polish

8mm stroker crank installed with all new bearings

New pistons

Is ready to be put together and installed

What else isnreally left to do?

Post this over in the quad forum maybe..

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