SuperMoto Set-up Questions

Hi Folks,


I'm in the process of setting up my 450X for SuperMoto and had a few simple questions.


On the front, should I be trimming the fork guards to clear the tires or is there more to it than that? I assume I'll need to reroute the brake line possibly too. Not sure if there's still room for it on the inside.


On the back, I noticed the wider rim can potentially rub the chain slider if not moved all the way up and in doing so, do I need to forgo the slider or what's the right thing to do?


Any guidance on a good gearing combo to just cause trouble around the neighborhood?


Oh and anyone got a favorite SuperMoto Web site?


Thanks everyone.


RZ Rob





Yes on trimming the front guard.

Stock chain guide should fit fine on a 4.25 rim. I use a TM Baja guide and I had to remove a bolt and trim some plastic to make it fit.

As far as gearing goes. I run 14/44 depending on which track we go too I might change it. But usually left at 14/44 for local hooliganism.

Try supermoto junkie for a web sight.

Yes, trim the fork guards to fit the tire. I had to do this on mine when I had converted it originally. I also ended up having to change the dish of the rear wheel to give more clearance to the chain as it would chew up the edge of the tire pretty bad. I ran the stock chain guide but had put washers behind the bracket to help move the chain away from the tire.

+1 for supermotojunkie site for more info on conversion.




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Don't forget to change your clickers. More compression, less rebound. Dirt suspension on the street isn't a lot of fun.

Good info. Thanks you guys.


RZ Rob

I only had to trim the right side (Non disc side) fork guard
I am running a 270mm front disc so there is no need to re-route the front brake hose, Also run this size on my dirt wheels so it makes it very easy to swap back over when I want to hit the dirt

What size rear wheel are you running? No way I would offset (Dish as spaceboy called it above) the rear wheel, A few mm may be barely noticeable but wheels are meant to be in the center, Same with offsetting the chain etc, Its not that hard to do but a 5" rear wheel is really not needed unless you are maybe planning on winning some supermoto world championships? Also offsetting the chain & guide etc makes it hard to go back to dirt wheels

270mm disc

You will probably need one of these for the chain to tire clearance (not my pics)>


Checkout my build thread for a few ideas, Mine has changed quite a bit over time


Thanks CRF450XinOZ, Your bike looks sweet. I like your rotor idea, but I already bought the 320mm kit. I do plan on swapping to dirt, but not often. I've got a 450R for that. Like the chain guide trick too. Probably will MacGyver something similar. I'm running a 4.25" rear with a 150 Michelin. It looks like the guide holder along the bottom of the swing arm could interfere if set wrong, but I think I can adjust around it. I plan on getting back to the bike on Sunday, I'll let you know how it goes.


RZ Rob

Thanks Rob

The chain guide goes on the top of the swingarm, I

I'm talking about the thing welded on the bottom of the chain side of the swingarm. If I pull the rim all the way back, it hits that on the swingarm.


RZ Rob

OH yeah need to shorten your chain when you change the gearing, Or basically set it up so the wheel is adjusted all the way to the front as much as possible

Do you run the chain tighter than you would on dirt to eliminate lash in the driveline?

Yep, If you ride on road only it should be setup with a bit less chain freeplay than you would on dirt, There should be nowhere near as much suspension movement going on compared to offroad, As long as there is enough freeplay (Measured when the swingarm is at its longest point) its fine

Finally got a few minutes to goof with the bike. I like running Iron Man sprockets and they don't make a 44, so I went with a 14-45 - PERFECT! Bike screams and handles great. Hey, I hope this bike doesn't land me in jail. It totally makes me want to cause havoc.


RZ Rob



Talon sprockets are available in 44 & I think they do smaller sizes down to 38? I bought my 44 tooth here>

The 44 will help keep the front wheel on the ground in the lower gears too, Found mine was a bit too touchy taking off from the lights etc with a 45 & did not quite give me enough top speed


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CRF450XINOZ, your bike makes mine look tame. I like the graphics and other bling items. I've got handguards waiting to go on, just no time.


RZ Rob

Glad ya having fun on a moto rob. I keep telling friends on bigger bikes it's the most fun I have on 2 wheels.

Wait till you actually take it in a road course. Well I'm hooked anyway

Me and my friend last weekend.

Cool pic. Oh I totally dig the SM scene. I had an Aprilia SXV550, but blew the motor up 3 times while still on the stock tires (known issue with bike). I had a chance to do Infinion and Laguna Seca and Willow Springs. It was very fun. I'll probably track this one too, but just want to raise hell around town.


RZ Rob

Funny you mentioned the sxv. I have been looking around at them. Mainly so I can turn the Crf back into a dirt bike and the sxv for track use only. Or give the crf some motor loving (cash) and bump up the hp/tq. It kinda sucks having all the liter bikes pass ya on the straights and then I have to re pass them in the turns.

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