Using Heated Handgrips. Melting Grips.

:thumbsdn: whats anyones opinion on these. The owner before me installed some that I dont know if melted the grips, or they where jelly stickys. I know they work. But my question is that are they a pain after while an just a aftermarket poof. :thumbsup: ????? thanks .


There that design yes! and I think they melt grips. so yeah , sensless anyway They are staying so i don't hassle with electrical re wiring. But soon as i Melt a grip , ripping them off!

 thanks for getting back...later

I use them on my street bike.  Actually, I use Moose grip heaters with OEM grips over the top.  8 years works perfectly (still).  Seems pointless for moto unless you ride high speed cold weather.  Never heard of melting before.

Nope now i realized just a gummy pair of grips , never seen before, heaters are staying

I love my heated grips.


I wish my bike had more electrical capacity to run them and the headlight though. :smirk:




I have them on my xcw, love them. Never seen a melted grip before

So did anyone bother to install a voltage regulator??

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