Need help! Outer fork tube corrosion

I am getting ready to pull the trigger on buying a used yz450f that has been sitting for a while. I noticed some galvanic corrosion on both outer fork tubes at the fork guard wear clips. the tubes are pitted locally at the clips only and not bad enough to loose the clips...not even close. Sorry i don't have pictures but to try and describe it...kind of looks like electrical arcing occurred in several locations around the clip producing a white/grayish powder ans pits.


I think it is just cosmetic but is this a sign of a bigger problem? It is a FI bike if that makes any difference, Rest of the bike is super clean.

Stuff like that happens when a bike is stored in a shed along with pool chemicals.  If its just at/near the wear rings, I'd clean it up, coat any raw aluminum with JB weld, and install a set of the SKF scrapers.  Look real careful at the lowers though.

I have a pair from a 2011 yzf 450 that are not pitted, they are a little tatty however just to warn you , the price would reflect that

Can anyone else help?

What help are you after ?



I think it is just cosmetic but is this a sign of a bigger problem?


Looking to understand if this is a costly problem...thanks

Ignore cosmetic damage like that.


What happens is a rock (or some thing similar) nicks the tube. This pierces the anodized finish (which is just carefully applied corrosion!!!) and the alloy corrodes slightly, actually the corrosion prevents further corrosion.  If it worries you, clean with baking soda/water mix and a toothbrush. Dry it completely and mask the area off and shoot some clear polyurethane on it. Personally, I'd just leave the tube alone.


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