86 CR125

Just picked up a 86 CR125 that needs to be completely restored for vintage mx use. Any tips or hints appreciated.

Plan on spending about 6-10 Times what you're currently planning to spend to "completely" restore it

Number 1, Find a right crankcase cover.

What is the known issue with the right crankcase cover?

leaks water from the waterpump housing

More specifically, water corrodes holes in the magnesium cover which then leaks.

Spend  $$$$$$$ on oem plastic. aftermarket is crap. Avoid putting any stickers with a .com on it, as they would not be period correct {a pet peeve}. And are you planning a factory restoation for racing? Thats crazy. A mechanical/cosmetic refurb makes more sense. Some people call refurbs a resto{another pet peeve}, is that what you mean? Refurbs are TONS cheaper than resto's.

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Waterpump housing can be a pain in the ass.

I fixed mine with 2 Components liquid steel.

So if its not to bad it can be done.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1413666148.371809.jpg

This is how it looked after beadblasting.

But good luck with your Honda 86.

Very nice model.

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