No spark. 2010 300xc

The bike has a trail tech 100 watt dc conversion that has worked fine for 3 years. I started and warmed it, rode 50 feet and it died. No spark. Changed parts from buddies bike ,including cdi, rectifier, coil. Not fixed. Pulled starter and stator cover, it looks good except for metal filings (likely from hitting the starter button while already running) I cleaned up the metal filings and stray grease. Did resistance tests on the three circuits in the stator wiring loom. E-mailed trail tech for the values, they responded quickly with "2. Out of 3 readings are slightly out of spec" .

I'm am buying the stock stator and rectifier off the original owner, just in case I can't fix this one. I have tested most but not all the harnesses with an ohm meter and found no "opens" yet. But I will keep trying. Any suggestions? I keep thinking,"focus on areas of dirt, corrosion, and vibration"

Update...The stock stator and rectifier just arrived from the previous owner. It runs, so the problem was in the stator. Bummer is that I'm not the original purchase r, so no warranties. Trail tech was helpful in diagnosis though, thanks trail tech. :-)

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