I'm new to street riding and my 250L is treating me well.

I'm noticing that as I get around 35mph and above, the wind noise is louder then I would have expected. Also, the bike doesn't seem to 'cut' the wind all that well. It could very well be that I'm just not experienced enough and that the wind buffeting I'm feeling is normal. It's not that I feel out of control at all, it's just I definitely notice the wind.

I'm guessing a new helmet first and foremost. Right now I'm using a full face motocross helmet. So I'm going to look at Dual-sport helmets.


Is there anything I can do to the bike that would cut down on the wind? The bike is stock now.





Some helmets do catch a lot of wind. 13/42 sprockets will help you with power .... a small little 250 will always feel tossed around by the wind also ....  


I have thought of upgrading to a more expensive helmet just for this reason but, I am not too sure how much better it really would be ...  :excuseme:


I have a GMAX and was think maybe the ICON Variant might be better ... 

Yeah, I have a Gmax also. I'm going to check on Revzilla and see what they say about noise reduction.

As for power, you've suggested a lot of good mods that I will be doing, the sprocket being one of them.

I figured the small dual-sport is a big part of feeling the wind. I'm not going on any road that go above 35 mph  so the problem shouldn't be that bad. 

Regarding the upgraded sprockets and other things. Will putting these mods on make throttle control in slow speed driving more difficult? I'm still on a learners permit and I know part of the Road test is slow speed driving. In terms of that I'm fine with the bike the way it is right now, and was thinking I would wait on the mods if they would adversely affect slow speed riding.


The sprockets will make it easier for you to go slow to handle the drivers test ....  :thumbsup:


Practice going as slow as you can while standing .... that is the fastest way to learn and become very comfortable with it. The slower you can go the better you are ...  :prof:

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At least your not in Kansas cross winds can get up to 30 to 40 mph try driving that at 60mph. but over time I got use to it so it's not a big deal anymore

Thanks Gnath -- makes sense. My 230 is geared with larger sprockets and I can go very slow with that!


Laguz: Glad I'm not in Kansas! But as you said, we can get used to most things.

Might try a windshield to help redirect the wind a bit.  I use one for times I plan on extended pavement riding and it helps direct the wind more to the top of my helmet thus reducing wind noise.  It also seems to help plant the bike at highway speeds making for a more stable and predictable ride.  I went to a LS2 FF386C modular helmet from a Fly Trekker and love the darn thing.  The drop down sun shield is a feature I don't think I could live without now that I have it.  Still produces some wind noise but far less then the Fly did.  I also use ear plugs now for highway riding, makes a huge difference and eliminates most of the "wind fatigue" my ears seemed to have before.  Good luck on your driving test, be safe!!

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Thanks RazorBill. Great suggestions.

Don't put hand guards on the bike, or it will get worse.  They act like little sails.  The fast you go, the more unstable it will be (with or without hand guards).

My street bike I do the shield but the crf I do an mx full face and goggles.  My helmet really catches the wind and it is loud on the highway but I try to keep most of my riding on the dirt.   If I was commuting I would probably invest in a full face dual sport helmet with a shield for that or use ear plugs.  Tinnitus sucks and the wind will get you.   Years of working in server rooms without ear protection has taught me that but I still don't use them.   :facepalm:

I have an Arai XD4, it's a full face dual sport helmet. Check out the reviews online. I highly recommend it, IF it fits your head shape.

I wear ear plugs if I'm riding on 55/65/75mph roads, otherwise around town it's not really necessary. When the face shield is closed there is still a gap on each side for goggles strap and wind noise starts to develop at about 35 or 40 mph. It's not bad, just becomes noticeable and then gets progressively louder with increased speed.

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I'm new to street riding and my 250L is treating me well.

I'm noticing that as I get around 35mph and above, the wind noise is louder then I would have expected.





Yeah, what was Honda thinking when they made the air so hard to move through quietly  :D     Just use a good full face street helmet, and you will be able to cruise at 60 MPH all day long, pretty darn comfortably, no ear plugs required...  



Helmet selection makes a HUGE difference on wind noise.  With a cheap helmet you will have a lot of noise and your head will get jerked all over the place in the wind and with the slightest changes in wind.  The nicer the helmet, the less wind noise you will hear and the smoother the ride will be for your head, in the wind. 


A crotch rocket is about the biggest test there is for wind noise/turbulence on a helmet.  I ride the CRFL with the same helmet I use on my GSXR, silky smooth in the wind and much quieter than some cheap, or MX, or offroad/DS helmet.  I know there are some good DS helmet, but they also cost 400+ dollars, and a duck bill on your forehead will never be good in the wind, no matter how good the helmet.  The Arai even says the duck bill is not for highway use on their DS helmet.  My helmet has an internal, retractable, tinted screen, I dont understand the point of a duck bill on your forehead.  Ill admit, they do look cool thou.  Its hard to appreciate a good helmet thats quiet and smooth in the wind, until youve experienced both good and bad helmets.  A good helmet is worth its weight in gold.

Thanks Tro. What helmet do you have?


The visor on a MX helmet is not there to block the sun. it is there to block the roost .... when crap starts flying at you ... tilt your head down for a moment to help your goggles stay clean ....  :thumbsup:


My visor is nothing more than a gopro mount  ....  :lol:

I've never taken the visor off my helmet, for me it is a sun visor, and THE principal reason i bought it. As for its impact at freeway speeds (55-70mph) Negligible until you turn your head, and then the twisting forces are manageable.

nachtmsk, I have a Scorpion EXO-1000, which they have replaced with the EXO-1100 now I believe.


Gnath, that makes sense.  Iv never been an MXer so never thought of it that way.  For DS riding I dont see a lot of point in the visor thou, only possible benefit seems to be blocking the sun.  I ride alone 99% of the time so I never have to deal with anyone roosting me, and If I do ride with someone I usually hang back a little bit to avoid that stuff.  No reason to ride someones ass when your just riding for enjoyment lol.


If I were riding purely offroad I would definitely get an MX helmet and goggle setup.  But for me personally I always ride some highway to get where im going before the offroad fun begins, so that Is why I prefer a more street helemt with very good wind noise and aerodynamic characteristics.


When I bought my first street bike the guy gave me an older-ish street helmet to go with it.  A full face helmet with just a plain smooth shell, no sort of of aerodynamic flare or spoilers or anything.  When I rode at highway speeds my head would get pulled and pushed all over the place by the ever changing wind you get on a motorcycle, I literally felt like a bobble head doll.  But I didnt know any better because I had no experience.  After a while and buying another bike, I bought myself a new helmet that was lighter, fit better, and most importantly, more aerodynamic.  I couldnt believe the difference in wind noise and how smooth the helmet was in the wind, no more getting your head jerked back and forth like a bobble head doll, at the mercy of the wind.  It just rode smooth thru the wind and my head would stay wherever I put it.  It was amazing.  And with that smoothness comes much less wind noise.  Ever since then, iv been a firm believer in buying atleast a decent mid range helmet.  It dosnt need to be some 4-600$ top of the line big name brand.  Mine have always been in the 250-300$ range, just stepping up to that from a 99-150$ helmet can be a huge difference.  (Not that there arent any good cheap helmets out there, I know there are some, just not the majority.)

Tro -- thanks for the information. I'm going out this weekend to do some helmet shopping. I've been looking at helmets on Revzilla, but unless I hit it right the first time, the buying/sending back process would be too time consuming to find something that fits correctly. I found a shop here in Central NC that has a large stock of helmets.  I'm heading there.



seems that a lot of people like the ICON ..... I would like to have one ...  :thumbsup:



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