Nicked tube 13' Kx 450

Ive searched the forum but I may not be searching for the correct thing.  Im changing my fork seals. I have never done it before but I am mechanically inclined and am having no problem.  Everything is apart, parts are ordered.  In cleaning all the parts I used some good ole parts cleaner.  When cleaning the stanchion tube I noticed several very very tiny scratches more so than 'nicks'.  I have read you can use some emry cloth or fine grit sand paper on these.  Is this true?  Since they are so small should I worry about them at all?  The forks are off of my 2013 Kx 450f therefore they are black.  Thats the only reason I actually noticed them was because of the change in color.  Thanks in advance for any advice or tips!

If you can feel them with your nail then you have to do something to take off the high spots

Use some 1000 Grit and go with the way off the fork tubes, also if its super deep, fill it with some nail polish hardener then sand it down, repeat 3 times, I have a fork tube that i saved. I wore a bit of the dlc coating off but it doesnt ruin fork seals

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