450f oil pump plate template

What does the template look like. Does it look like the 250f kit? From drd. What is the purpose?

If you mean the wet sump kit, they are essentially identical.  I'll say here and now, flat out, that I wouldn't use the wet sump kit from anyone, ever.  It reduces the oil quantity (yes, I know about the '14-'15), and leaves very little reserve in case of oil loss in long races.  That, and the crankcase was not designed to control the oil around the screen as it would have been if it had been designed as a wet sump in the first place.


But it's the same idea: remove the return pump and replace the feed pump back plate with one that routes oil to the pump from the sump screen instead of the tank.

So is the only reason to take out the return pump and add the special plate to eliminate the oil being rerouted to the tank? Why take the return pump out. I'm just trying to understand the process

The original idea was to reduce weight AND to lower the weight on the bike by moving the 1.5 down from the frame tank and putting it in the crankcase.  The resulting oil system is not better than the original dry sump setup in any way other than the relocation of the weight, small as that is.

On the steel frame bikes ( and maybe the 06-13 250s) the idea of moving and reducing weight seemed like a good idea to some people. in addition removing the return side of the oil pump could free up a little power. One of the reasons yamahas have the longevity they do is because of the dry sump system. The remote tank helps to cool the oil which makes all the parts inside happy.

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