Hydraulic clutch

I know this isnt for pit bikes, but i recently bought my daughter a stomp fxj 110 pitbike, but shes finding it hard using the clutch after about 10 mins riding. Would it he possible to change this to a hydraulic clutch to make it easier for her? Thanks.

A hydraulic clutch will not make it easier. You move a lever 'X' distance to move another lever 'X' distance. A hydraulic clutch system only changes the method of operation.

You may be able to change the RATIO between the lever on the bars and the lever on the engine so she has to move the lever on the bar more to make the lever on the engine move the same amount as before. This can be done by changing the pivot point of the bar lever or the length of the lever on the engine.

I suggest speaking to a supplier of Chinese pit bike parts for further assistance.

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