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Any tips on lubing your yz's throttle cables?

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I just lubed my clutch cable and wanted to do the throttle as well, for some reason it seems to be a pain, my yzf has some plastic at the ends that help it go around the throttle tube.  On the cable that has the adjuster I loosened it and clamped on my motion pro cable luber but never seen it come out the other end, and how do you do other cable any tips on this?


Thanks in advance

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On my Yamaha throttle cables that are like that, I remove the cables from the throttle grip, hold the end of the cable up high, and just drip a few drops at a time into where the wire runs through.

Work the wire back and forth a few times, drip in a few more drops, and repeat this for about a minute.

The lube won't come pouring out the other end immediately, but it eventually makes it through.


I like to use Bel-Ray 6-in-1 for lube on cables.

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