Does Yoshi RS4 improve 2015 kxf and how much more powerful is the 15 engine over the 2012

Just sold my 2012 kxf that has done 60hrs without any problems and the only upgrade I had done was pro circuit clutch springs.

Just got my 2015 yesterday and thinking about going for a full Yoshi rs4 system but want to be sure it will improve engine power, also how much better is the engine from the 2012 any noticeable power gains.

When I get the suspension done I will also be getting a pro circuit lowering link been told this transforms the handling.

Cheers folks

the 2014 was way better down low than the 12..... but all this is tuneable by software so maybe save ur money and just get it remapped. Save money for ultimate suspension.

If the 15 is anything like the 14 or 13, then a new exhaust probably isn't going to do much for you. I've heard the stock exhaust makes the most power and it's not worth the money for me to find out whether that is true or not. Probably better off getting the suspension dialed in first then worry about what ever else.    

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