Here's a laugh for you guys.

The last week has been complete havoc for my mental state. I kept thinking that my bike was about to grenade! Every time I left off the throttle to shift at low speed, I heard this distinct fast metal rattle. I could reproduce it left and right so I started tearing everything apart to no avail. It didn't sound anything like the noisy bike usually sounded like so I checked the valves, readjusted the mcct twice, checked the locktite fix bolts, and went over the damn bike like a hawk. It ended up to be loose license plate bolts which allowed my license plate to vibrate and rattle just enough to make a noise every time I left off the gas to shift. At least I got some maintenance out of the way hahaha.. ha..  :facepalm:  

Sounds like me. Thought I had piston rattle at 5k miles on a new bike, did piston, rings and wrist pin. (Also loctited every bolt on both sides of the cases internally which was a pita 14k miles later when replacing my slightly out of spec crank bearing.) Thinking it was as high maintenance as my buddies 450f.....just needed a properly adjusted mcct

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I also have had a similar issue, just spent £700 on a full rebuild and thought my piston was rubbing against the wall after the rebuild causing a rattle, found out my carb slide was rattling lol

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