National Enduro Weather Policy

Not sure where else to ask this. Do they race national enduro's in the rain?

I've made windage and elevation adjustments this year. I just switched from a 450 to a 300 KTM. I have fitness figured out. I'm wanting to make a run at the national plate for my class next year. I have all winter to get used to the difference between the 450 and 300. I have about a 10 mile enduro/hare scrambles course and getting ready make a second course. Also making plans to build an enduro cross course over the winter. Going to try out this 300 XCW on the last VCHSS race of the year.

I've never raced one of these events, but I'm pretty sure they'd still race in rain, and they would probably only delay for lightning.

Enduros go on rain or shine. Some Pros like Mike Lafferty would prefer a muddy downpour event that will reward riders that can excel in inclement conditions. Tennesse last year had a single mud rut through the singletrack that just got deeper as the day went on. It was snowing at Cherokee in 2010 but still went on, but in 2009 the Louisiana NEPG event was rescheduled when the State park service cancelled their permit due to record rain in the previous weeks. Other than official permit issues, I have not heard of any cancellations due to weather.

The National would probably run no matter what, but a local race could be cancelled if property damage is a concern since destroying private property could ruin the chance of having a race next year.

Sounds great. VCHSS just cancelled next weekends event due to the rain we've had here in VA the last week or so. I spent some time practicing in the rain and mud the last few days. Probably head out in the morning and put in more time both in the woods and on my MX track. Glad to hear the enduro goes on no matter what. I know some of the pros prefer to ride in nasty conditions. I think it was Windham who has always excelled when the MX tracks were nasty.

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