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Was looking for anybody that lived in the Mountains Edge Community that is willing to go explore the desert just south of us.  I'm on Mountains Edge and Durango and can ride right from my house.  I hear dirt bikes going by all the time so I know there are some guys out there somewhere.  

Once I get my new tire I'm down, I'm at Starr and buffalo

Sweet lets do it.   I'm at Mountains Edge and El Capitan. 

I might be down for that, I am at the complete opposite of town from you but I will travel anywhere to ride lol. Is it legal to ride over there?

I'm off of blue diamond and el capitan and I'm down to ride

I was just out that way yesterday, we rode from Blue Diamond road (up the 160 from where you are though) to Good Springs and had a beer at the Pioneer Saloon there.

I'd be down to do that ride. I'm probably going to check out behind mountains edge off of Durango.

Either Thursday or Friday morning

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