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Carb (OEM) leaking

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Yes I used search(once or twice)...and I am feeling kinda lazy tonight (its been a long week and then some).  My stock carb on my 2007 DRZ400sm has been leaking slowly for awhile now.  I am going to do some maintenance on the drz before winter comes.  I figured just replace all gaskets and orings on the carb (of course I haven't taken the carb out of the bike, that'd be troubleshooting).   However leaving a piece of cardboard under it produces a small drop after a night and if I do not touch it for a few days(weeks((919 has gotten more attention this year))  it will drip to empty.


I was looking at jetrus and I know I want the Float bowl gasket 007-756, but I am unsure of other orings/gaskets I want(need).  Any other suggestions on orings/gaskets I should replace?


FCR39 would be nice but it is not in the budget....unless someone is feeling generous :ph34r:

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