525 EXC Starter Issues

I have a 2006 525 EXC that I have put 326 hours on. For the most part it has been rock solid. Recently I went on a 4 day ride up in Kentucky, when I unloaded the bike, I noticed the electric starter wouldn't work unless I pulled in the clutch. I didn't think too much of it, but it escalated to the starter wouldn't work at all. I can still kick it to start it, but I really would like the electric starter to be working. I take very good care of this bike, and would like the problem fixed. Any help would be appreciated.

Check your battery. Check the negative cable to frame. In very rare cases the timing chain has stretched and caused the decompression timing to be off. Not common but can happen.

I'd say at these hours you're likely due for intake valves and a new cam chain.

I swapped the battery with my brothers 03 400 exc, and nothing. Just adjusted the valves, so that is all good. I plan on switching the starter system with my neighbors 2007 525 exc tomorrow. And about the decompression being off, I don't think this is a problem as I can kick start the bike first kick, hot or cold.

Does the starter spin at all?  Or does absolutely nothing happen when you hit the start button?

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