Ty Davis Tank Fuel Line Routing and Issues

I mounted my Ty Davis tank today. It fits pretty good but I have a few beefs about it. The fuel line routing is kinda wierd. I ran mine to the front of the carb, hopefully I won't get vapor lock situations from it.

(I hope this works)



Secondly, You can't use the nice rear mount radiator guards. Major Bummer. They fit on the left but not the right side.



Finally, The seat is a really tight fit. You have to work to get the seat back on. Other than those issues it fit up great, is extremely thin, and was easy to mount. Sorry a couple pics kinda sucked.

Roostn in Golden

Sorry Guys, the Pics always make me look like a boob.






You should be fine. Nick Pearson's fuel line is even closer than that so is mine...If you are worried you can get a high temp fuel line and put it on. Try an stay away from stainless steel braided lines though. Nice graphics!!

i have a noticeable kink in my gas line and not sure if the line is to short or what please help it loks weird but the bike runs fine

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