Need Help broke clicker head off 08 rmz 450

Broke the comp clicker off and have the inner cap/cartridge out. Took the nut off the assembly but cant figure out how to get lower cone off that has the bushings around it. IT looks like the gray round disk with the hole in it needs to off somehow. Sorry for not being tech correct with the description


There is a nut between the spring that is in the rod , shave down a spanner and unscrew that , then using soft jaws in a vice or grips you should be able to unscrew the piston holder , if not apply heat to the rod where the nut was

Ill try that. Next question do I need to buy the whole cap just to get the clicker assembly? If so wheres a good place online?

Yes I think so , try mx tech if they sell the clicker part on its own , but you can buy the complete part in the photo from a cr much cheaper than from rmz

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