Punctured my damn stator cover... options?

So I feel pretty damn stupid right now. The XR was on the bike stand in the garage and I was torquing the rear axle when it tipped over and fell. No problem, BRP's are built like a tank, just pick it up and marvel at its robustness.


<dramatic pause>


Uh, what's that dripp... dammit!


So, what are my options? There are several XR650L stator covers on eBay right now for ~$120-150. Anyone know of other (read: cheaper) sources?


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If you have access to a tig welder you can run a bead across the crack. I would then take it to a plating shop and have it replated just for looks.

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I know how you feel a lot of damage happens in the garage! My 13 KTM990SMT did not have a mark on it till I checked to oil one day. The oil tank is mounted low in front of motor has sight glass on left side and you hold bike level to check. So I squat down reach up push on handlebar WELL pushed too far and over she goes! Bent rear brake pedal, put mark on cover and broke saddlebag mount oh scratched rad shroud! 


You could have it welded. Seen one guy on TT cut a peice of alum and welded it on cover to keep shifter from doing that.

J b weld!!!!!!!

I bought my xrl with a j-b welded stator cover and it weeps oil just a tiny bit. I'm not the slightest bit ok with oil leaks on my Hondas but the price of a new cover gives me pause. Especially considering how 'fragile' they are.

The clutch cover on my 650r had a crack similar to yours. I drained the oil, cleaned and sanded the area well and applied JB Weld. After a day or so cure flled It with oil and its been fine ever since.

Mike.......get in touch with Mike at MANRACKS...he makes a stator cover reinforcment plate that you can just silicone on and it seals the puncture and prevents it from happening again..


tell Mike i sent ya..






I used to ride with a buddy in AZ who was intent on impaling his bike anywhere he could. I fixed his case covers numerous times with JB.


Pull that thing off, clean it real well, take a dremel with sanding barrel to it to scuff it up along the crack area, both sides if possible, clean it again, then use the overnight JB to repair it, not the quick stuff.


I have alo done the same thing in the past with JB only on the outside and a smear of RTV on the inside with no leak issues after many miles....

This is the ManRacks protector installed.


I am cheap so I another vote for JB Weld. I repaired an XR400 cover with it after a rock cracked it. It never leaked afterwards. 

Fix it once fix it right. Be patient don't do a cheap fast fix which will leave you stranded on the trail or worst yet cause internal damage because of running low on oil . take the cover off and take it to a shop have it tig welded I wouldn't imagine It will cost more than 50 bucks to do so and it will still be cheaper than a used sidecover

Id go buy a small piece of aluminum, and use some jbweld putty to fix it over the hole. 

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