04 crf450r right crank seal

Does any one knows how much does it cost to change the right crank seal of my 04 crf450? Thanks

it's really not too hard a job. need an outer case cover gasket, and the updated seal (that has TWO lips, not 1). ensure you put it in correctly. i actually have a thread in here you can search with pics that show the correct direction i think. Need to remove the clutch basket, which may require air/electric impact.

I assume you are getting oil migration?

Yes I'm having oil migration, and after I rode my bike for like 10 or 15 min it starts dripping oil out of the airbox. Is that part of the problem too?

Yes, what happens is the engine oil level sky rockets and the cam chain picks it up, slings it into the valve valley and then it gets blown out the breather hose.

Thank you that really helps me

just remember it is terribly important to get the seal installed in the right direction. there are a few good write ups on this forum.

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Melk-man. I can't find your thread, and I am getting ready to do the job here in a few minutes. I have searched and searched. all I have found is where people are needing to do it. no threads with pics where they have actually done the job. Which way does this seal go!!! one rib is brown. I just need to know if that is crank side or clutch side. :)


Just found this on another thread:


You really should link your thread about this, because I can't find it in your profile...

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