I though I was going crazy --- I ordered a top end off --- you know where - ebay.  2002 YZ85 all stock.


It came in quick and ran out to put my firends bike together - wrist pin too long!!!   After two weeks of back and forth with seller --- they say to send the kit back for refund.


Order kit two --- off ebay - yes I an crazy ... this time from a top rated seller - $20 more!!!


a week later .... the wrong wrist pin --- too long ... am I crazy.  the correct one is 38.34 mm or 1.5098 inches. Wiseco # S517


the one it was sent twice was 45.5mm.   Has anyone seen this too???




Edited by TX-SANDMAN

Use the old one. I think the wrist pin is way harder than the piston it runs in and will not be reduced in size nor strength.

I'm not surprised.  I received 2 Wiseco piston rings for the YZ144 and found them packaged wrong.  They were way too small, even for a 125!  Wiseco made it right so I give them some credit there.  However, the needle bearing that comes with the YZ144 top end kit from Wiseco is 3 mm too short!  Use the Wiseco 1013 needle bearing with that piston.  The lesson learned is to always double check everything.  Don't trust the machinist or parts manufacturers.  They are all human and make mistakes.  It is better to find out before blindly putting an engine together.

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