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"New" PIG

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I've caught myself on this forum for the past few weeks reading tons of info on my "new" PIG. I think you guys call them pigs, right? With all of the wisdom I came across, it was a no brainer to register.

I'm no stranger to riding, this is my 4th road/10(ish)th total. This is, however, my first single cylinder street bike and possibly the most red headed of all my children.

Bought this 2001 xr650L for $1100 and only 13,000 miles on it! It needs a ton of lovin, but she runs great!

This will be a learning experience to me, as I have never did much work to any other bike other than oil changes. I plan on changing oil, filters, check fork fluid levels, adjust valves, then completely renovate starting cosmetically.

If there is anything else you guys think I should do (mechanically) that is imperative before using her to commute daily before I start on the seat, gas tank, plastics.... please chime in.

Glad to have found this place!

O Lam


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Check the counter shaft. If its stock then pull it and inspect the spines. My guess is that they will be worn. Lube the CS and replace the sprocket with a XR650R sprocket. 

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Welcome O_Lam.


My 'big red pig', [a.k.a BRP] is also a 2001. I bought it in spring 2002.


It's the only vehicle I bought brand new off the showroom floor. :ride:


Still have it today.


Little did I know just how much they'd be highly praised over the years.

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Thanks jake, I will check the CS, but I'm not sure if it's stock or not. Both sprockets were changed recently (or so I was told) but they are in good condition. I just got all the plastics and seat off last night and FOUND A CRACK IN THE FRAME! It's on the tail section so I'm not that concerned but still going to weld it back together.

Thanks JIM, I'm in love already. Such a low maintenance bike, and cheap to rebuild from what I understand.

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      Contemplating picking up a BRP in the near future and looking for some perspective.The current owner claims that the bike has about six hundred hours on it, but there's no way for me to confirm as the odo's not accurate.
      I know brp's have a reputation for running forever on stock top ends, but they must eventually have an expiration date. What should I look for on a high mileage bike like this to make sure I'm not setting myself up for disappointment? Also, What are some non engine/transmission related issues I should look for?
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      Was curious what everyone was doing as far as Daves mods or jet kit for the upper elevations 4,000 to 8,000 feet?
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      We found a hairline scratch in the cylinder and need to bore it. This leads me to my question.
      Should I get a 1st overbore performance piston or keep the compression ratio as is? If so is there anything in particular I will need to modify to tolerate the high compression piston?
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      I've been rebuilding/restoring an XR650R for some years now (after toasting the motor in 2013). Sent the motor off to be rebuilt, had a local shop rebuild my forks and shock, and took care of most everything else myself.
      As of a couple months ago I had almost everything assembled and ready to run.

      As a final check before adding fluids to the bike, I decided to stick my boroscope into cylinder and take a look. The results were concerning.

      These boroscope pics looked so gnarly that I pulled the head off the motor to get a more thorough look.

      To say that I'm concerned is an understatement. I have pics of the motor internals pre-rebuild, and can confirm that this is definitely a new piston and replated cylinder. I also have all the old parts from the motor, so it does have a new cam, connecting rod, valves, and basically everything else I expected to have replaced.
      The builder "ran the motor briefly to confirm everything ran alright" and then shipped it back to me. I reached out to him with these pics and he said,
      The piston looks like this because he had it machined from 12:1 to 11:1 compression. The streaks on the cylinder wall are normal for one that isn't broken in yet. Regarding the valve impacts in the piston head: "My concern is that something may have passed through the cylinder. How does it run?" I've never run this motor. I can feel these streaks in the cylinder wall with my fingernail. Did he re-use a piston from some other motor?
      Is this dude jerking my chain or is this motor fine to run?
      He's a fairly well-known builder in the XR community and was recommended to me by guys in the (now-gone) XR650R forum.
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      The main needle clip is on the middle groove.
      I checked for air leak with some starting fluid when it was idling and seen no change to the way it ran, indicating no leaks. 
      Bike has stock jet sizes, foam filter, stock exhaust. 1,830' elevation here in South Dakota. 
      I'm baffled..