Last chance this year, Oct 12 and 19

Abbott MX in Lincoln Nebraska has it's last two events the 12th and 19th. 


On the 12th is the last 'Endurance Race', a how many laps you can do on a course that includes the main MX track, the vintage/beginner track, some woods trails, and finally the 'mini' track.  How many laps you can do in 2 hours, average 10min laps.  Solo's, Double and Triple Teams.  Nothing not doable on a 250L, most of the 'big' track 'hard' areas not on course. 


On the 19th last MX event of year.  We have a separate event on the Vintage/Beginner Track.  We have vintage class's. true beginner classes, and run what you brought classes on a totally doable track for dual purpose bikes. 

If you are local NO excuses for not being there on the 12th.  My 9yr old Grand Daughter on her CRF110F can do 99% of the endurance course (the down to creek drop and climb out is too much for the 110).  She rides the complete vintage beginner track as well as the main track and is getting better at rut running.  Come on last chance for the year.


She is also doing the beginner youth class MX on 19th as well, need some competition in the youth beginner class for her.



BTW:  New project bike 1976 Suzuki RM370B, parts are all in, getting it assembled, checking everything, then tear down restore over winter, going to be a great stable mate for the YZ490.

If you are local NO excuses for not being there on the 12th. 


I actually called my buddy from Grand Island to meet me there this Sunday to ride and did not think about this going on ....  :facepalm:


Do you have a link for times and pricing etc .... I need to forward to see if he is interested. 

Open riding after event @1230. Link for race:!enduranceschedule/c223n New vintage/beginner track is a hoot. Me and Zoey will be there post race till @1600

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