A Father and Son Adventure: 30 years of riding together

Hey guys, its been along time since I have been on here.  I cant seem to get a reply from admin to get my old account going again (ibgoinaj) so I started a new account.


My father and I recently went on a two week adventure ride and I am constantly making some videos and ride report and just wanted to share them.  I hope you enjoy them.


a quick highlight of videos to come


A video of Stultz trail in the snow, a very surreal experience


here is the youtube version if anyone has any problems with Vimeo


That's awesome man, looks like you 2 had a great time. Nothing beats being on 2 wheels and spending time with pops. Did a great trip last year around this time to Lake Tahoe with my dad on the street bikes for a few days. Some of the best roads ever up there and the views are amazing. Thanks for sharing, pretty cool footage!

Thanks!  Yes it was amazing, I have always wanted to do it, just had reservations in the back of my mind about it being boring... It is any and everything BUT boring.  Already planning the next trip!


Looks a blast, and with your father!

Thanks! it deffinetly was!

Great you got to do that with your dad.


Thanks for sharing.

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