Kx125 clutch probs

I have just replaced the clutch cable, fibres and clutch hub.

I have a problem in that the case cover now seems to not fit back on as if fibres are to big.

The fibres are kawasaki original.

Not sure what I have done wrong

Are you saying the cover hits the basket and clutch assembly?

sounds like its not installed properly.


a pic of the clutch installed with the cover off could help.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1412803990.459855.jpg

So here's a couple of pics for the clutch.

When I adjust the clutch how it should be it's out by approx 5mm and I cannot put the clutch cover on.

When not adjusted it fits.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1412804040.352431.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1412804076.275237.jpg

Your pressure plate is supposed to be against your plates and is sticking out too far. You definitely have something assembled wrong. Check the clutch actuator on the other side of the bike. You'll have to remove the stator cover to see it.


But if you don't have a manual, you will have to refer to a parts fische online to view the assembly order.

If you're kind of new at this, A good tip is to lay out your parts in order as you remove them. That way you know what order they go back in.

the order to put them on is clutch plate in first then friction plate, keep doing this till your done.


you have some notching on the basket that is pretty deep, i can see that being a issue, you might want to file it down a bit.


I would also start looking for a new or good used one, that much slap is going to notch it out more and make a lot of noise.


loosen off the clutch cable at the bars, then once in adjust it.


and also do what sappers said. 

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