Idle/start up problem

So my problem is after I crashed my dirt bike and broke my triple clamps, which is now fixed, the bike now starts and revs way high. Like scary high. So high that I shut my bike off for fear it will break high. Idk if when I fell it did something to cause it. Or maby I need to adjust the carb. I'm not sure. I am attaching pics as well. Any ideas would be great! ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1412784893.138549.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1412784911.521189.jpg

Verify that the throttle cable is seated fully into slide.

also your throttle cable should be behind the petcock.


and your carb boot( part that bolts to motor ) looks pretty cracked up, any air holes will rev the bike.   

Yeah that's why included the picture of the carb boot. I think it's something to do with the throttle cable. Just haven't had time to mess with it. I'll report back with anything I find. Thanks for the replies

remove the cable from both the carb and grip and make sure it slides completely and easily both ways.

Yeah I'm just getting ready to see if adjusting it helped at all. I hope it did

So I adjusted my airscrew and that lowered the idle to a respectable level

Check where the throttle cable goes into the throttle tube housing. The bottom half of the threaded part is plastic. Probably broke when you crashed. Has this happen on my sons bike. You play around with the cable and it slips back into place. Check it, if it is broken you are just asking for a stuck throttle.

Ok I'll check it out. I think it was ok though cause I think I checked it when I undid the throttle housing and it looked good.

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