240cc kits?

I have had interest in 240cc kits for a while. Basically around 12-1 with flat-top. I am thinking of using non shrunk rod on stroker crank so keep piston light, short and strong. Premium forging with real rings and rings are commonly available. I can take this down to 10-1 compression so would be ultimate woods motor as bigger CC's equals more torque. Anybody else need one? Not for profit as have to make minimum 4 sets. I need 2 so if anybody interested give me a yell. Also sleeve will be thick enough for up to 1mm overbore as I don't build one time only cylinders sleeves.

My wife is going to yell at me again.

Do something nice to the house. DO NOT buy new kitchen appliances and think this counts (unless she specifically asked for them). Just a suggestion.....

What do you have planned for kick starter parts (gears and ratchet) with the added stress of 240cc's...........? :thinking:


Old School Al

I always hear the same thing. Funny in that I have owned one since the first XR185 came out. I grew up riding old BSA 441, TT500, hot XR500's old school backfiring 2-strokes. I have never tore one out. I do a proper starting procedure and never just wack at kickstart.  Now I have had friends ride my bike and tear it up in one ride. 


If at 10-11 compression I see no problem. correct spot, slow and steady and always fire for me. I do have compression release on handlebar like newer xr400's though Use it when I lock up rear in trails and bumbstarts easy while still moving.

If I make these with standard pin location it would be 216cc with a stock crank and 11-1. With stroker crank 240cc at 12.1. Of course I can knock compression down if needed.

Is the stroker crank you made for me going to work with this kit? Not sure if the one I have has short rod or standard.

short rod and yes it will work. Need to bore cases for larger sleeve. I made sleeve thick enough that 70mm can bore in for 247 later.


The long rod set-up will ONLY work with long rod stroker crank and special piston with altered pin height.

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