Warp9 Rear Wheel - 2008 Older to 2009 Newer

I just bought a '14 YZ450F and want to use my spare Warp9 rear wheel (paddle) from my '08 YZ450F.  What I've found so far is that the newer axle is supposedly 3mm larger in diameter.  I'm aware of the third drive-side bearing in the '09-up stock hubs but Warp9 still only uses two bearings, so this should theoretically be a simple swap...3mm larger ID bearings in the Warp9 wheel.  Sound about right?

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I don't know how Warp 9 does it, but Talon and others use bearings that are too big to fit any available axle, and then supply sleeved center spacers to shim things down to size.  In that case, you need the right center sleeve and spacer set from the wheel supplier. 


If the axle runs directly in the bearings as a stocker does, then you need bearings to fit the axle, as you said.  The spacers will need to be drilled through or replaced, also.

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Thanks for the info.  Warp9's hubs are the same for all the YZs, and possibly all other bikes too.  It should be a simple bearing & center spacer swap, and maybe larger seals.  I'll figure it out, just wondered if anyone had already done the legwork.

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