Cam journal wear

I just YZ timed my WR and noticed an intake was a touch under .006. So I yanked the intake cam. When I pulled the cam cap it came up with the cam attached. A little push on the cam and it all came apart ok.

I did notice the center journal, both the cap and the head, has bit of scoring that the other jounals do not have. It is easy to see and if I run my finger over it, I can just feel it. It is scored the same on both sides of the journal.

How much wear is permissible here. Should I be worried? I figure If I can turn the cam by hand I should be okay.

What do you guys think?



Put the cams back in and noticed that while the exhaust cam turns with moderate pressure, the intake cam takes a good two hands to turn. I realize the intake has 2 plain journals to the exhaust cams 1, but the it still seems tight. How easy should it be to turn?

this guy can do miracles w/ your aluminum head & journals!!!


the cost is a FRACTION of replacement!!

I'm going to call him.

How did the repair on your cam journals work out?

Did he reweld and recut new journals or did he mill the head and recut?

My buckets come right out okay so I don't think the damage is too bad. It just looks like the cap is a touch off center or too tight. Maybe I starved it for oil for second or two. I just don't want to put it together and wear it some more.

I'm gonna send it to ED. Got any tips on the best way to get the head off a 400/426?

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