'12+ are small in the cockpit. Bike is still large. Krannie has said that he is large and likes ergos that cater to that. The '11 an older are a more open feel for sure.

Bill, PM sent on the rims.

Damn....beat me to it.

Rumor mill has it that you replaced it with a KTM 350.

Naw, just added the 350 to the stable. Wife needed a dual sport bike as well :smirk:

Damn....beat me to it.

I have had 2 broken spokes lately with a couple more that are bent in the back.  Need to replace it before more issues arise.

I don't know if the 2012+ are smaller just different.  I feel you can grip the tank better. And the bike is thiner between the legs. But then again my buddy was cramped on his 05 and droped the pegs and raised the bars.

2012+ Wr450 small?!?


Yes, the ergos shrunk in 2012.

Pegs are higher off the ground/closer to the seat, steering head is closer to the pegs, etc etc

Everyone but Kawi is on the 'shrink it' band wagon these days....KTM's being the tightest, since the front weight bias is so low, you have to sit on the gas cap most of the time.

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