xr650r mods?

new (to me) '02 xr650r:D

y'all are a fantastic source for info, any recommendations for tuning/setup? i'm 6'5"/220lbs and the bike is s-t-o-c-k. will only use for off-road, primarily at low elevations (<1000ft) & hot TX temperatures ((>100f)... although riding and most other outdoor sports are year-round down here.

lapster :)

Welcome to the board.

First, Id say get the bike set up for your height and weight. I just did this to mine (Im 6'7" 285) and it makes a WORLD of difference in the way the bike rides. For my height, I bought a set of renthal Jimmy Button bars, as well as risers that raise the bars up an inch and a half, as well as move them foward an inch. I'm still riding a corked bike, I wanted to get a good feel for the bike (this is my first bike) before I went all the way with the uncorking. Ive got about 250 miles on it now, and I think im ready.

If you are going to do any extended runs, then a larger tank will be needed (people here like the Clarke 4.3). The other guys here can tell you what they did to their bikes, which is a LOT!! I just wanted to chime in on the suspension.

Welcome to the board.


Check with a few suspension shops, but you'll probably need .47kg front springs and a 10.5kg rear spring to get the static & race sag correctly setup. That in itself will help the bike handle better in turns, whoops, etc.

Check out www.xr650r.us for all kinds of tips/tricks about this bike.

If the bike is used but new to you, then you may want to consider changing out the fluids, clean the oil downtube screen just incase it was never cleaned, grease the bearings, linkages, cables, do air filter & oil filter maintenance, etc. Also adjust the valves, inspect the spark plug, check what jets are in the carb, etc, so you have a known good set of things to deal with unless you know for sure the person you bought it from kept it in tip top shape, but I'd probably still do it anyway if it was my bike. Also check for loose bolts (especialy foot peg bolts), loose spokes, etc.

If you didn't get a service manual with your bike, then you may want to consider buying the factory service manual from your dealer or from www.helminc.com since Helm is the source who prints the factory manuals for Honda and sells them at the same price as your dealer (sometimes even cheaper than some dealers), but Helm can usually get them to you quicker than your dealer can. The factory manual in this case is definitely better than the aftermarket brands and is about $45, which is well worth it if you plan to service the bike yourself.

Good luck with your new bike and enjoy it :)

you may want to consider buying the factory service manual from your dealer or from www.helminc.com:D

Qadsan/FlyByWire...thanks for the info! Can you confirm that the Service Manual as sold by Helm is part no. 61MBN04 (~$48)?

Wow, there are some huge guys riding BRPs out there :)

Can you confirm that the Service Manual as sold by Helm is part no. 61MBN04 (~$48)?

Yes, that's the one and it's also a valid Honda part number if you go to your dealer. Also, check your PM's.

cough cough... do a search in google for the manual (pdf) :)... cough...

Hey man, I'm from Texas also, so here's what you need to do to make it run right. The bike needs to be UNCORKED! To do this, go to the honda shop and get the following parts; 40mm intake boot, 40mm exhaust tip, 175 main jet, competition jet needle (B3E I believe), and needle seat which comes with the needle.

Remove the snorkel from the airbox, and remove the plastic baffle plate from the rear of the airbox. Replace the manifold, main jet, jet needle and seat(put in 3rd position), and exhaust tip.

Now the bike will actually have power, be easy to start, and won't overheat here in Texas, even in summer. Good luck with it!

Don't forget the 68s pilot jet either. If your withing 1500' of sea level.

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