Barcia Rides the Yamaha: Racer X vid

Guess he'll be riding for Gibbs next year, nice vid, girly cute too

Edited by DPete

To bad he is an A$$ hat. Regardless he is on a blue bike and with his riding style and the power that bike puts out it could mean good things for Yamaha. I could still care less for him.

I'm pumped to see him race this year. Josh Grant showed how well the 2015 450 perfoms out of the gate in the summer MX. He grabbed a lot of hole shots. But he would fade fast after just a couple laps. Hopefully Barcia can keep the blue bike out front for a little longer.

SICK, that was the best add. clip I have seen, go BamBam and JGR. Think it's going to be a great year if the bike stays together, for the way he rides. Ride it hard and put it away if it breaks!

Love my 14 YZ450F

I hope barcia can get the 450 on the podium this year!

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