Looking for suggestions on which dealership in socal for 2015 YZ

I am testing out the 15 YZ450 on Sat and will likely buy one in the next 2 weeks or so but am having a hard time finding a dealer that does not seem shady. In 07 we bought my wife a bike and the sales manager or whatever had printed out the purchase agreement with a sales price $500 greater that what the sticker on the bike was. I don't like this type of crap and don't want to go to 10 different dealerships so if you have any suggestions for a no BS dealership I would definitely appreciate it.

John Burr in Fontana

Call Dustin @ B & B Motorsports in Victorville. 760-241-7387


About $7800-ish otd. Plus you get the $500.00 blue crew card.

7800.00 seems like a goog price but with that being said Id check with John Burr after you get a quote from B&B. When we were calling around for my sons 2014 yz250f B&B was 300.00 more than John Burr.Ask for Hank

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