cluth pull questions

I have a 14 yz450f. Coming from a 07 crf250r the yz has a much lighter clutch pull.

Here is the catch. A friend has an 08 crf250x completely stock. Man does that thing have a sweet clutch pull. I ride my yz till I cant pull the clutch anymore then I get on his bike and I can clutch forever without any issues. Its super light but what really stands out is that it is so smooth. If I didnt know better I would swear it was a hydraulic.

What can I do to get that smooth feeling on my yz? I would like a lighter pull also but if nothing else that razor thru butter smoothness is a must. The cables are new and lubbed. Clutch lever is properly adjusted. What else is there?

An ASV C6 Pro Lever. It has a needle bearing in the pivot. Really smooth and the adjustable reach it nice.  Bearing makes the pull easier. 

See what happens when you don't break a lever for 5 years?  Didn't even notice ASV made a C6.

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