Yamaha FI Tool 2012+ WR450 Help Needed

Okay, I bought the actual Yamaha FI tool used from an ebay seller.  I had originally bought that other FI tool from China that a few members had luck with, but the subsequent buyers didn't.


Anyway, the Yamaha one came with two sets of cables that plug into the side.  I used the one with the battery clips and the 1 green wire.  I got another piece of wire, and put a bullet end on one end, and one with fork prongs on the other end.  I then cut one of the prongs off, so I could just poke it into the programming connector on the bike (center pin).


So, everything was plugged in and lit up and giving me the "waiting to connect" (or something like that message).  I powered on the WR while holding the "Mode" button on the tool.  I enter diagnostic mode, but I'm in the "D" portion of it, and everyone else is saying they are adjusting C1.  My "D1" is saying it's set at 11.


How do you get it to C?

Disregard.  I went out after writing the post and tried again.  For whatever reason, "CO" popped up and I was able to change the setting.

any interest in loaning the tool out over paypal or some convenient method?

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