Automatic fan start

Im going to install a SPAL fan to the wr450f, but im thinking about ways to make the fan go on automatic. I have no experience with this from past, but ive heard about radiator plugs.
Is this a plug thats NO before 95c, and goes NC after 95c and up? Where can this be fitted? are there other solutions? :) Thanks

Use a Thermistor interupt on the power wire

They come readily set up for motor/auto use as a 'probe wire' or clamp

No need to read the water temp directly

That is an accessorie to the TT Vapor, and has a variable resistance to measure the temprature. would be easier to get something similar that worked as an On/Off. Not interested in the temperature, just want the fan to go on when it needs to ^^

I didn't say a temp sensor, I said a Thermistor, which is a tempreture sensitive switch

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