Best foldable/ unbreakable levers?

I'm looking at buying some foldable levers for my yz450f and was wondering what you guys think as far as who makes the best? I had arcs on my 06 crf and never had any problems. How are asv, sunline ect?

This came up a while back.

I remember the guy saying that sunline bent anyway.

He was going to try asv.

Never saw anything mentioned after.

Idk personally.

I don't use them.

Bark busters save mine.

Same shit as the 'brand' levers.  They are all made in China, most likely in the same factory too.  


 Hey, Honda_Power


ASV levers are made in the USA...  Quit spewing lies.

i have asv levers they came with the bike when i bought it. ive broke both springs in them and bent one but was able to bend it back. the crappy part is you cant buy just the spring you gotta get the whole rebuild kit and i think its 10 bucks plus 10 bucks shipping. but thier easy to rebuild and seem like quality levers.

ASV C5.  Had the same pair for 6 years, never broke one. 


Buy them refurbished from ASV on eBay for half price or so.

ARC memlon.

buy some cycra hand guards and forget about it!!

ARC memlon.

What he said. After an accident where my finger was smashed between the lever and the handle bar while using ASV levers resulting in a broken/smashed finger I went to these. They have been around for a while but you don't hear of them much. Go to their website and check out some of the videos it's an amazing product. For anyone that is worried they might bend under extreme use well they hold up just fine for Ryan Villopoto. They make them in 2 materials, standard aluminum and the plastic/synthetic/memion material.

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