2014 YZ450F Bad Bog

I have a 2014 yz450f with 55 hours on it.  I have been riding a sand track last few weeks and noticed today when I was riding that when I would land hard off a big jump and the bike would want to cut out really bad.  As the day progressed, the bike starting missing more even to the point where I would be coming into a turn and the bike would have big noticeable misses or bogs as I would try and accelerate.


I am running the MXA map and have been for a while and love the map with a slip on FMF.  As far as major engine components go everything seems to be fine, bike starts no problem when your in the meat of the power, everything feels great but its go this nasty bog I cant figure out.


Being that i have been in the sand a lot and it seems almost impossible to prevent dirt from falling in or around your gas tank could I have a clogged injector or maybe a bad fuel pump?


Any help would be appreciated...I just want to ride!

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