06 yz450f clutch not disengaging fully

Ok so Its probably been covered but i just had a couple different questions about my clutch drag. So My bike has around 100 hours on it now all trail riding and recently i noticed that the clutch may not be disengaging fully. now it bangs into first a little bit hard ive been told thats normal , when i shift into first and rev the engine i cant feel it pulling at all with the clutch puled all the way in but when i raised the rear wheel in the air and i started the bike shifted into first but kept the clutch pulled in the back wheel started to turn not fast but it was turning maybe 2 km/h. The bike is quite hard to start in first with the clutch pulled in im going to do some testing when its hot next time. My main question is this normal if not what is required to fix it? Not afraid to throw in a whole new clutch basket plates etc but is there something i can do specifically to fix this without doing that. thanks

Ive read about changing or filing the plates? Fairly new to mechanics most recently did my steering stem races and bearings.

Sound like the basket is pretty worn, you could file it down once to buy a little more time just don't over do it. If funds aren't an issue I'd buy a complete clutch kit and be done with it, depending on what you buy your looking at around 600 to 1,000 smackaroos. FYI - Join the club all 4 strokes start hard while in gear.  

Too be frank, your clutch symptoms are quite typical of a normal, healthy YZ450.  In general, everything you describe is entirely normal.


There may be things you can do to improve on it; new plates and basket, but within a year it will be back like this again, and probably last 4 more years after that.  (depending on what sort of evil you visit on it). 


If you can find neutral at an idle at a standstill, that's about as good as they get.

thanks! ya im thinking its pretty normal too just the last two bikes ive had were 2 strokes and when i got them both of them were dragging really bad so ive never experienced "normal"

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