2012 leaving WR450... Going back to a YZ

LOL  as if anything you say about any other bike than your wr450 matters. u admittedly have no experience on anything but that bike in the last 25 years. that 350 would run circles around your wr frankenbike.


Oh, and by the way:


39 bikes since 1999

Riding since 1971 !


There is NO SUCH THING as a great stock bike. 

They all suck in one way or another and must be upgraded/adpated to the rider/situation.

...unless of course you suck as a rider, or if you are an expert, don't mind wearing out a bike in one race.


Your precious KTM bikes used by Pros have just as much money spent on them (about $40k for SX, about $20k for offroad) as any other brand, to make them competitive at a professional level.

There is NO SUCH THING as a great stock bike. 


Good post, Krannie !

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