How much $$$ should I offer???

Hey All,

Since I've had two out-of-state deals fall through in the past few weeks, I have been looking for bikes in my home state (CT).

I found this:

2002 HONDA XR650R,

bought new 6/03 as leftover, 20 hours on bike, mint condition, $4500.

I went and had a look/ride and everyting felt tight. Had a few scratches from brush. Took forever to start and gas was dripping on the garage floor. Maybe the weather had something to do with the starting, but to have two guys wear themselves out felt odd. Anyway Guy bought it for $5200, $5600 OTD, and still owes $4900.

Is $4500 too much? I've heard a bike drops 30% after leaving showroom. For the guy to expect to only pay $4-500 after having the bike a year is off. What do you think I should offer?

I think the gas leak deserves a seond look. It hasn't been sitting long enough to have sediment build-up blocking the fuel stop... But if the leak is coming from the carb, maybe they used gas out of thier lawnmower gas can or something.. The carb is an extremely simple device mechanically, so if the fuel is coming from there there are really only a couple of things that could cause it. Short of the bowl being cracked (would be obvious), they're all issues of cleaning it out..

The second part, about it being hard to start... My XR is hard to start.... Unless you know how to start it. I think part of it in my case is that it is still very new, I've got about 120 miles on it. Part of it is also that I need to tweak the jetting a little bit, you might also need that. In your case, it sounds more likely that its the fault of old lawnmower gas. If it felt good once it was running, I don't think theres anything that would cause it to be hard to start.

On the price issue, I'd look around a little more before dropping the cash on it. I bought my 2000 model brand new a couple months ago, the dealer was happy to see it go and it cost me $4800 out the door.. and it had never had oil in it.

Good luck!


According to NADA, the average retail is $3730.

I bought a 2001 xr650r with about 400 miles to fishing holes??? Completly stock he never herd of uncorking it no scratches at all, showroom condition except the tires had some wear as well as the grips for $3600. I know that you are trying to get something local but E bay has had some great deals and I know you can get it shipped any where in US for around 300 dollars or so. I have seen bikes that looked about as good as mine did for 3500 and a couple with some miles on it but they said it ran perfect for about 3200. IT IS A XR THEY RARLY HAVE PROBLEMS so when one does as the one you are talking about that raises questions??? If he didn't know how to start it that might cause the bowl to fill and drain gas out, Im sure he was trying to start it before you came over, Once uncorked they start much easier, I start mine with approperiate choke for temp and then very quick kick with decom lever in immediately follwed by a long kick so there are two kicks in about a second and a half. I was also happy to see this is how Jonny Cambell starts his pig up!

Thats way too much for the bike. As an idea, I live in California (our bikes are way off the price chart), and LA Cyclesports in my area has been blowing out new 02 650's since last year (when the previous owner bought the bike and before) for $5k OTD (and thats with all of the Cali. DMV stuff and high taxes). Likewise, just picked up second XR650R, a 2001 on original (worn though) back tire and pretty low milage for $3150. Also got a 2000 650R 5 months back for $3150 as well (orig tires), both in Cali. In other words, you should be paying no more than $3200 or so for that bike on a bad day. Then again, to find a deal like that, you may have to look around 1-3 months. Really depends on how bad you need a mount. Just my 2 cents. :)

HI I am in Nj would sell you my 03 as listed in my signature for 4700.00 and ut has all the goodies you could ever want i have over 8 k invested. IT has some scratches etc but has ben maintained by the book. Also havew many extra parts to go with. ie: full set of chain n sprockets ironman brand new and a complete set of suspension front n rear extra rads etc. would lety it go with spare parts for 5K Pm me if interested

Just for reference, I bought a 2001 in November, in excellent shape, uncorked & already street licensed for $3300.

This'll make ya cringe,

Oct 2002, I went ta get a xr400, I found a 2000 BRP sitting there that had never been ridden. $3200 out the door (outta state, no tax)

Dealer Had been sitting on it because in that area, Tenn. hills, no one want such a big bike.

I'm still smiling. :)

I had three different buyers for $3600 with a quicksilver, uncorked, and less than 200 miles on a '01. NONE of them completed the sale. I decided to just keep it because I couldn't afford the big loss. I paid 5K otd in late '02 for it. The dealer had 5 others on the floor. These bikes are in all the showrooms and the ads for them are everywhere because there isn't a high demand for them. I wouldn't pay 4k for a new one from the dealer. There are too many like new(less than 200 mile) bikes in the classifieds, keep looking, there are plenty of deals to be had. Now is the time to get the deals though. If you wait a month or two, the weather will be breaking and everyone will get the bug to start riding again.

Just my $0.02, I have learned from hindsight.


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