2014 Yamaha Aftermarket Suspension - What is your experience?

I am looking to get my 2014 YZ450 suspension revalved, Stock is good but I feel it can be better.


Here is what I am looking for:

  • Improve absorption of small, harsh bumps so that it rides like a Cadillac through the rough sections on the track.
  • Improve front end feel and turning stability, currently feels light in the front and feels like it wants to wash out in turns


Please let me know if you have used an aftermarket Suspension Tuner and what your experience was like.

  • Was it a great improvement?
  • How was the customer service?
  • Any track side support?
  • Price?


I am located in North County San Diego. Being able to work with the suspension tech in person would be great if it wasn’t right on the first setup. Luckily there are a number of services available.


I am thinking of using:

  • MB1
  • Enzo
  • Graeme Brough
  • Race Tech
  • Any others?

We have used ASR-4 Suspension Works from Winchester VA.  This was on an 07 yz125 and an 08 yz250f.  My son was very lightweight at the time and so we had him respring and revalve.  However, if you fit the weight level for the 450f and are somewhat fast, the STOCK suspension is the best STOCK suspension on dirt bikes today.  We now race a pair of 2012 and 2014 yz125's with completely stock suspension.  The biggest factor is how much you weight and how fast do you ride?  Things can be managed from their.  But the modern day KYB SSS stuff on all the yz's is great right out of the box. 

Just had my '14 450 suspension done with Nick at Provalve in Costa Mesa. Had a couple bikes done through him so far.


May main complaint with the '14 was the push, harsh front mid stroke, and the bike wouldn't settle in the turns. The forks now feel great, the bike stays planted in the corners, and no quirky unwanted oversteer on corner exit. Not a cure all for the corner entry push, but I no longer think about it at every turn as I did with the stock suspension.


Costs are on par with everyone else.


Nick is at the track (REM Glen Helen) every Saturday if you need to get in some suspension testing, and he'll give you his personal cell number for advice while you're at at other facilities.

Does anyone have any updated info on Enzo or MB1 for the 2014? Trying to figure out which one is best.

Haven't used either of those, but Graeme's work is very competent and thorough.


This bike is interesting.  I've found better results in going stiffer overall.

I had Craig at Enzo in Newark Texas do my revalve and respring on my 09 yz450f.

Improvements every where!

Great serv. and pricing..... $$$$ well spent, would have him do it again.

Good luck.

TBT Racing has given me the best suspension I have ever used hands down. They take the time to listen to what you want out of your suspension, your riding style, the type of terrain you ride on, etc. http://www.tbtracing.com/

I just did 1,600+ miles in Baja and didn't even bother with bringing my stabilizer. It's that good.

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