WR450F 2005 Standard shock spring rate ?

I have a WR450f 2005.  I´m 105kg/230pounds and I need stiffer springs.


If I go to Raceteck.com and use the spring rate calculator it say´s that the standard springs for the shock are 5.3kg/nm.   and they reccomend 6.0 for my weight.


I called the Yamaha dealer here in Iceland it he said that the standard spring rate for 2005 WR is 4.8 kg/nm.



Does anyone know who is correct ?



Ys forgot to add that the standard for 2007 WR is 5.4 according to the dealer.

forget the std spring and its rate as you alredy know it is too soft - why bother about something you are taking off


I'm 210lbs and run a 6.0kg/mm spring and I can get the 25/100mm sag figure, so you may even need the next one up if you are 230lbs



fork springs are even worse

They are notorious for being softer than the quoted rate

Mine (08model) were supposed to be 0.46kg/mm but measured 0.41kg/mm.

I put some real 0.46kg/mm springs and couldn't be happier with it

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First off, there are (3) different 'stock' springs, depending on country/region, according to the Service Manual. 5.4 is USA. Other countries are always softer.

Second, the Race Tech calculator is notoriously low in KG

Try other calculators to make sure


What confused me was this stock springrate of 4.8. 


Ok I got it figured now.  Gonna buy 6.0 or 6.2 rear and 4.8 or 5 front.  Already took both the shock and the forks apart , cleaning and new oil.

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