Who has put a number plate on thier WR450?

I'd love to know how you did it. Did you have to move any of the wires, ignition or odometer to do it?

Much Thanks!


I put one on my WR426, it was really easy. I put it on when I race so I don’t break my light and because the numbers wouldn't have fit above the light. I used my friends old YZ426 number plate. I took off the light, odometer (it wont fit with the number plate), the piece that is under the light, and the white plastic round thing and the metal piece that it is on that holds the brake line. It’s been a few weeks since I changed it so I think that’s it. Then I put on the number plate, the odometer mount hole is a bit to the right of where the mount on the plate is so I put a zip tie through the holes and left it a little loose so the plate would be in pretty much the right spot but not flop around. I tucked the light wires in with the group of cables or wires or whatever it is I can't remember, on the left side of the frame. My WR is an 01 and the number plate is off a 99 so yours could be different.

sorry dude not the same as a 450. I did it and what I had to do was actually shave the bottom of the number plate with an exacto knife to get it to sit low enough in the holes on the bottom. then I zip tied the bottom on each side where the tits go in the holes, then on top I used the handlebar wrap to secure the top, again zip tying it to secure, then I just put a zip tie around the top mounting hole to keep it from rattling too much, but not to tight, you don't want it chafing against your wiring.(I used a little spiral wrap there, but elec tape would provide some protection too) Anyway after I did all that I thought of another way, but haven't tried it yet. I thought of drillig a hole in the bottom of the number plate and the fender and bolting together, kind of like the way the headlight mounts, and then fabricating a small bracket off of the top mount from odo mount or handlebar clamp. something simple. It would save having to trim the bottom of the plate. Also I have an 02 wr250 that the plates were a simple slip on app and an 01 426 that was the same. but the 03-04s are just enough different to make it a small asspain. good luck. :)

just so you don't think I am talkin' a lot and not doing it right, here are a couple pics of the final product.





I have put about 300 miles on it since these pics and it is still the same. holding up very well.

Dez, did you cut those side panel number plate backgrounds yourself, or adapt them from something else? Looks great!

I used the YZ backgrounds from GYTR, but modified them a little on the top, the other side was the freakin' pain cause I had to slit it so the airbox cover was removable, then used a black perm marker in the crack to make it look all black. I was so pissed when I found out the white was ON THE AIRBOX! :) anyway Thanks dude for the compliment on the looks, here is a pic of the other side. wr450-2.jpg

Just curious, what kind of fuel tank is that on you bike and how do you like it compared to the stocker?



I drilled 2 holes and zip tied mine to the front fender. My buddy liked it so much he did the same thing. Hundred miles later, no problems. front.jpg

It's the TY davis IMS YZ 3.1 gal tank. fit is snug but good

any 03-04 YZ tank will fit the WR. The tank is great it is 1/2 gallon larger and if you put only 1 gallon in it it is lower than the stocker even carries gas. The one drawback is when you have to take it off you have to drain the gas, because of the crossover tube. The one worry I had when I got it was fuel transfer, but it sucks it dry no problem. and you need to make sure and protect the crossover tube from the exhuast, easy with a zipty and some elec tape.

Ok guys, NO ZIP TIES NEEDED!!!!!!!!!

First I removed all my odometer parts, including brackets. Remove the on/off button from it's stock location(upper triple clamp right hand side). Re-route on/off button to the left hand side of the frame neck (opposite the black box). Using HIGH QUALITY velcro you can attach the on/off button to the frame. You will still have steering/fork clearence. A stock YZ front # plate will now mount up like it would on a YZ/YZF. There will still be a stock bracket that attaches to the left upper triple clamp that has 3-4 wire connections in it. This works well and mine has been firmly in place since instalation, even after WORCS races, Wide Open Arena, & Tahuya. Sorry to the guys that want to keep thier odometer stuff, as I don't know any other way to make it as sani. looking.


to me all sound like good ideas, just how far you want to go, also there is probally some way we havent done yet like make a bracket that holds the bottom from bicycle shaving and a gum wrapper (mcgyver style) and then you can ride and save the world at the same time :)


It looks like it keeps the CG lower which is what I liked about it.

then I zip tied the bottom on each side where the tits go in the holes, then I just put a zip tie around the hole to keep it from rattling too much, but not to tight, you don't want it chafing against your wiring.( elec tape would provide some protection too)

This sounds more like a letter to Penthouse than instructions for mounting a number plate.. :)

Riding is my fantasy :)

You can always fab a new bracket for the odo and mount it on the outside of your number plate, if you really need it. I did this on an xr650 which I used for prerunning in baja and it didn't look too bad. We had to keep close track of the mileage for fuel consumption information.

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