Front caliper spring

'14 YZ450F... While replacing the front brake pads, didn't notice the spring had hit the floor. Consequently stepped on it :facepalm: , now deformed and won't fit properly. Cannot get it back into proper form. Not in stock at my local dealer.


This is the spring/bracket thing that fits above the pads to provide tension to the pads I presume. Can I run without it and not cause damage?

As long as it's not the shim you'll be fine for a while until your dealer gets it in.



This is the part in question...


5DH-25919-00-00 Support, pad






It's not going to have immediate negative effects if you run without that for a bit IMO.

That's what I thought as well. Thanks

If that's the lower of the two springs as the part number indicates, it is mostly for the purpose of keeping the pads from rattling around while not braking.  Better to have it, but not critical.

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