Sea Foam

Local indy mechanic advises to run it 1 oz. per gallon to protect carb and FI parts from the affects of alcohol. Anybody else heard that?

I don't use it in my fool injected bikes.


The only additive I remember using was a little STP in the Honda 90 front forks. Ah that was back in the day and you had to heat it on the stove to get it in there.  :ride:

I run 1oz of fuel stabilizer / conditioner and 1oz of caster oil to each gallon of gas in all my bikes. Never had a problem.

Seafoam works great to keep carbs clean, but suggest Sta-bilizer in the tank to keep the gas from going bad after periodical riding(winter).

PRI-G 15cc in each tank full, for the last 4 years, and no problems on (7) bikes.

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