Opinions on Performance Eng. v. Hinson Clutch Baskets

I am a fan of Hinson clutch components. However, I was curious as to whether any of you have had an opportunity to try a Performance Engineering T-6 Billet Aluminum clutch basket. It is about $50.00 cheaper than the Hinson basket. Is the Hinson worth the difference or am I just paying for the name?

Moose racing now has one too, it's not in there new catolog but I saw it in Dirt Rider or something. Being sponsored by Moose I called them up about it. It seems nice and is cheaper than both of the 2 u mentioned. I have to say that when Moose gets into making dirtbike parts they do it right. They just have a company change the name over and its always a bit cheaper, i.e.-Their chains are made by Regina, so I think that the basket will be of good quality, I'll check it out at the dealer show in Indy in a few weeks.

I have had great success with the PE cluch basket.

It is very durable and the fingers are set up to increase oil flow, this solved the grabby clutch on my 00 426.

More info here:


Thanks guys. I guess it's now decision time.

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