02 YZ 426 forks

hey guys so I got an 02 426 and I love it to death. Best bike I've ever had by far. But I'm 6'7, and my forks feel... Short. I have an old KX 250 and I had both of them side by side in my truck today and the bars are about 2" higher on the KX. I'm talking about from the ground not the triple clamp. It feels fine when I'm riding it. Is it possible that the previous owner put a "short guy kit" in the front forks? My seal saver barely fits between my front fender and the tire, where as on the KX it was almost too short. Just curious if anybody has any knowledge on this. Thanks guys.

The bars are available in different bends featuring varying amounts of rise, pullback, and sweep.  Pro Taper has four sets of bars you should find more to your liking, the Windham bend (RM Mid), the RC High, the Pastrana bend (narrower than normal), and the KX High, with the latter ones being the tallest.

It is possible previous owner shortened the suspension....guess you could check the seat height and compare to the factory spec to get a rough estimate

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