missing a gear sometimes..

Hi guys


I have bought a second hand Yamaha YZ 450f 2011.  All is grand except for one thing...


when for instance going down the gears say for example at the end of a straight into a corner, when shifting down the gears it will quite often go from 3rd, down straight throught second and into usually neutral or sometimes (i think) first.


i have checked and checked again.. it does not always happen - but it definately does.  for example..


coming down a flat straight, i close of the throttle and press firmly (not to hard) down on the gear shift lever. 

it clicks down easily, sort of catches then continues on down to complete what would be the shift lever movement equivalent to shifting down one gear.


often than not i am then in neutral or even first gear.


When a shift down is successful it does not have the 'catch and release' of the above example - it simply clicks down from 3rd to 2nd.


In either case I would not describe the whole shifting motion as precise or tight.



im about to lift out the engine out and go delving into the gears etc.  Im pretty familiar with general mechanics but have not ever had this sort of problem before so would appreciate the thoughts from any experienced experts as to what might be the cause and what to look out for.


NB: I have made multiple oil changes with correct oil etc - this has no effect.


Many thanks in advance for your help






I wish you luck. In 2006 I picked up a new YZ450. It was hard to hit 3rd gear and it continually jumped out of gear at the base of jump ! I changed 4 gears, shift forks, stopper arms all to no avail Yamaha would not admit there was a problem and neither would anyone else on this site or all the others I contacted. In 2008 Yamaha magically did a change to 3rd gear to keep it from jumping out of gear. If there was nothing wrong with them why did they fix it ? Anyway, the bike was rarely ridden and eventually a year later traded for an 06 CRF450R......We've raced 6 other Yamahas thru the years with no problems but none of them 450's. Too bad because it would have been a good racer. A lemon ? Maybe............... Happy hunting

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